MARCH 2018




SB: What is your favorite song?

AM: Part of me wants to say Sad Eyes by Robert John. I think that's because my one my first professional film set (college) I worked G&E and we had an hour drive to and from location every day/night during which we got into the habit of playing Fooled Around and Fell in Love (the great Elvin Bishop) and Baby, Come Back (Player, swoon) on repeat. It was a magical time of learning how to do the things you love and making new friends and John's sound snaps me back to that state of mind. I feel like you thought it was going to be Sex, Love & Water. Did you think it was going to be Sex, Love & Water? 

SB: Have you heard any of these tracks before?

AM: Modesta. Well played. 

SB: It's Friday. A particularly good Friday, simply because you're feeling it. Feeling like making something of it. You wake up and decide you're going to have 4 theme songs today. One for the morning, one for the afternoon, one for evening and one for the very late night. Which of these songs do you pick for each and why?

AM: I really enjoyed this question, I thought about it all week.

I'm starting my day with No Going Back by Yuno. I won't say I'm not a morning person but I'll say the shift from horizontal to vertical is a big leap. Once I'm up, I'm up, though, and for that I need music. I'd prefer to hire someone to bring me coffee in bed but we can't all have what we want.

My afternoon song is My Girls by The Vanjas. Throughout the middle of the day - no matter where I'm working or what I'm working on - I've got an aggressive case of tunnel vision until the objectives for the day are hit. This song just shakes me out of any potential afternoon malaise and says, "ANNE MARIE, DO NOT LET YOUR MIND WANDER."

Recently I've been having these surprising, interesting evening experiences where I show up expecting one thing to occur and another completely amazing thing or feeling does. For me Game Over by Newtimers comes on as I'm headed out for one of these nights, as I'm playing back and forth every possible scenario of what *I think* is going to happen, and then later I'm playing it back again after the experience as I'm laughing at myself, realizing how off I was about the contents or the energy of the evening. Does that make sense?

My end of night song is easy -- you Daft Punked me with Feel Better Now by Jean Tonique. One of my favorite parts of a great night out, like, let's say, hours of interesting conversation with someone you find enthralling and a little frenetic, is the sliver of time after I leave that person's company when I get to be alone and replay my favorite details over and over in my head. This happened recently on a long walk home (don't tell dad) and I wish I'd had a sweet ass song like Feel Better Now to seal that emotional, mental deal. 


AM: What is your favorite song?

SB: Pearl Diver. Hands down. Not because the rest aren't great, but - wow - this one transports me to a place. I'm not quite sure where this place is, but damn, it's great to be here.

AM: Have you heard any of these tracks before?

SB: BJ The Chicago Kid's song and FONX, but the rest are all hidden (from me) gems.

AM: I'm swooning pretty hard over your question above. Since it's dealer's choice, I'm going to ask you to tell me the same thing.  We never get to answer our own questions, and if there were ever one that deserved it, it's this one, don't you think? 

SB: Ok, I would start the morning off with "Turnin' Me Up" because it's the perfect combination of tempo and energy. Later, after I've grooved my way to work, I'd change gears and listen to "Honeycola" because it's more ethereal and would be easy to knock out some work to while vibing. At closing time, after I've been productive, it's time to hit the road and there's only one artist I want to turn on to make me feel like the night is full of possibilities and that's Hyldon. Finally, after I've made it home, washed the film of the week off of me, grabbed a bite and headed into the city, I find myself listening to Pear Diver on repeat for the rest of the night. With each play, I experience something different depending on the context of my surroundings.