AM: What is your favorite song?

SB: I am over here by Eerie Wanda. It’s got that killer combo of whimsical rhythm and playfulness.

AM: Have you heard any of these tracks before?

SB: Heard Two Birds and My Number, but that's it!

AM: Who’s the best rapper alive?

SB: Ok, so this is tough…sort of. If the question was "who is your favorite rapper?" I'd say Mos Def. He's one of the first influential rappers/poets that got me into the genre. But if you're asking me who is the greatest rapper alive, I'd have to say Eminem.

Kendrick is a close 2nd, but given Em's body of work, given his syncopation and the natural rhythm in his lyrics, given the fact that he writes every single line in his songs and given the fact that he got his start grinding in the streets of Detroit against all odds…he’s my guy. He could have easily taken a path of popularity and gone more of the commercial route, but each album he puts out is a direct reflection of what's going on in his life and often times means it's met with criticism because you can't play it on the radio. In a world of auto-tune, trap music repetition, listening to his music, though sometimes blunt and offensive, is my refreshing reminder that this genre can and should be paid attention to and respected.


SB: What is your favorite song?

AM: blossom at my feet, flower

SB: Have you heard any of these tracks before?

AM: Just Louie - which I also used this month. Isn’t it weird when we both discover a song at the same time? Weird and kinda amazing?

SB: Where is your favorite place to listen to music? Please exclude concerts and live performances. I'm asking specifically if you're preparing a new playlist or have a new album you want to enjoy, where's your ideal spot to listen?

AM: Ideal spot to listen to new music, hmmmm. This is tough because there’s the fantasy and the reality haha. The fantasy is a long drive outside the city with a great sound system and a stack of recommendations from friends. Or a leisurely morning sipping coffee / reading the Times or an afternoon cooking in my apartment. A great hotel room with a view. A perfect, effortless run with a cool breeze. The reality is sitting in LA traffic. Re-caulking my shower. A run I’m dogging but then eventually prevail.