We are siblings Stephen and Anne Marie Boidock. Both of us like to hunt down music with the other's tastes in mind. The first playlist was delivered as a birthday present back in 2012. It arrived in New York City one morning and unintentionally sparked this tradition. Nowadays, the delivery of each list, after weeks of crafting them, spices up our music collection and provides hours of conversation to keep warm. After privately dueling playlists for almost two years, we’re now dueling publicly here at Kin Collective.


Know his/her taste. Find tracks that the other sibling will instantly fall in love with. Curate each list with intention.

Forage for items the other sibling has never heard before. Every track should be a 'first listen' for the other party.

Deliver this month's list on the 1st, along with your rent or mortgage. 

Study your archives. List crossover and repeats are taboo.

Never reveal your sources.