AM: What is your favorite song?

SB: Close one but I've got to give it to Only You by Steve Monite. Such a funky groove, it cannot be ignored. 

AM: Have you heard any of these tracks before?

SB: Creedence and J.J. Cale but otherwise, all new listens. 

AM: Imagine that you could pick a new city to explore with this playlist. Which city would it be and why?

SB: For some reason, I'm thinking Johannesburg. While there's a nice variety across the songs, it feels like the vibes are skewing a little South African, but in what I presume is the more "modern" sound of the area, they'll still get down to some funk sounding beats and old school rock like Susie Q. Come to think of it, I have no clue what they listen to there, but maybe I just want to visit the city and while I'm there, I'll bring this playlist and it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 


SB: What is your favorite song?

AM: One Time Thing, Fickle & Vice. That 80's synth thing.

SB: Have you heard any of these tracks before?

AM:  Jim James' track, yes. Breakbot, yes. Swoon. The Mynabirds, yes. Otherwise, no. 

SB: You're working on a new film and need a track to run behind the opening credits. Which of these songs do you pick and what are we watching (besides credits) while we hear it?

AM: My God Has A Telephone by The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn NY. I imagine that the opening scene is a dance party. There's a man dancing amidst a bunch of partygoers. They all seem to draw their circles closed as he passes by looking for an entry point. He's not dancing in the exact same way they are but he's not doing anything that justifies his pariah status. For some reason none of this gets him down. He just keeps weaving through the crowd, doing his thing, totally in his own moment.