AM: What is your favorite song?

SB: This should have been an open and shut case. Two songs in and I'm looking up The Teskey Brothers like they're my new favorite band.

Then I get to Your Fix / City Calm Down and I start to go down this rabbit hole of watching small live performances similar to what I aspire to produce someday like this baby: 

Once that happens, it's game over. So, regrettably, I've got to give it to Your Fix.

AM: Have you heard any of these tracks before?

SB: Other than The Drifters, all new. Well done.

AM: If you were a single man with a few bucks in your pocket and a job that could be done anywhere -- which city would you relocate to specifically for the music scene and why?

SB:  Ok, this is tricky for a few reasons. Firstly, because I live in Austin, one of the most music-attracting cities in the world, I feel spoiled in this regard and a big part of me would genuinely answer "just stay here." But in the spirit of the question, I'll assume I can't stay here. That brings us to another question that I imagine leading to the answer, which is "when and where would I travel to a city for music?"

I feel like today's technology and social sharing allow us to be exposed to so much different music from around the world, more so than ever before. Even 30 years ago, if it's not on at least one radio station, you might not ever hear about it - unless, of course, you live near it. Which is why if this question were asked back in the day, I'd say that living in Paris in the 50s when Miles and crew would frequent it, or in New York in the 20s when jazz was blowing up or, hell, maybe even Vienna 100 years earlier where a deaf composer was making ageless music. But alas, getting back to the question. Right now, if I had no obligations, was forced to move away from Austin and had the means to go somewhere else in pursuit of music, I'd have to say either Cuba or Puerto Rico. There's something about the energy that exists in their music as well as the fact that (in my perception) it plays such a big part of their culture. I would definitely be down for living in cities like those.


SB: What is your favorite song?

AM: Gonna have to go with Everything by TobyMac. The irony is that I've avoided using his music before, totally convinced that we'd already featured his music on the site, and then you hit me with it. Touche. 

SB: Have you heard any of these tracks before?

AM: TobyMac and Dirty Projectors. 

SB: Music makes everything better. That's just a fact. Still, everyone has some thing(s) that they enjoy doing with music or to music. What is/are yours and why? Keep in mind your niece and nephew will read this one day. 

AM: See, I feel like you trapped me here. I had so many good answers for this question before you put the PG restriction on it. Just kidding! Hi NoBo! Hi Miles! I love you guys!

I'm a sucker for a long drive with good music. Ideally in the passenger seat where I can really relax. I also love it when a great song comes on, just as you've dipped into a really interesting conversation with someone. I always notice it and think it's the universe acknowledging that I *am* in fact having a moment with that someone. Long distance running music. Get hype before basketball music. Getting ready music. The list is endless.